Hi, I'm Annie. I am a girl of 17 who has almost figured out where she's going. I am a senior in high school. I have a passion for psychology but I'm going to get my nursing degree first. That way I can at least pay for my education to become a therapist. I like 30 Seconds to Mars, Anberlin, photography, my friends, my boyfriend, my family, Jimmy Fallon, and Diet Dr. Pepper (to name a few things). I'm struggling to make peace with myself and forget past mistakes. I am trying to be happy. I promise to live.
My other account is love-pictures.
Feel free to write in my formspring.me or my ask box if you have anything to say. I do not take credit for most of the stuff I post. If it is my original work, it will link to my profile. Everything else will link back to where I originally found it. If you wish for something to be taken down, write in my formspring. Thanks for looking at my Tumblr!

"I fell apart, but got back up again." • Ask or tell me anything.
I Promise to Live